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Postpartum Realness: Stay (Cozy) at Home

2020: The Year of the Home.

As much as we'd love to live in denial, the fact of the matter is that 2020 has been spent largely (you guessed it...) at home. For some of us, we revel at the lack of options and appreciate spending ample time in the home with our families. For others of us, it is painstaking to try and think about spending another minute staring at the four walls of our living room. Whichever camp you fall in, you have probably had days that feel dismal, boring, even uncomfortable in your own home. You've noticed how uncomfortable even the comfiest seat in the house can be for the eighty-seventh hour in a row. For the pregnant or newly postpartum mom, these issues can feel even more uncomfortable...and isolating. The solution I wish I had was how to cure this pandemic and get us all to a place of comfort and normalcy again. But perhaps you'd settle for a few tips to improve your time indoors in the meantime?

Unless you already had big plans of moving or renovating your existing home (which I did when my son was 10 months old and I DON'T recommend it), you're likely stuck in the house you've got. No pun intended. There are simple things you can do, however, to make being in your home a more pleasant experience. There's a reason so many of us went of a cabinet-organizing, spring-cleaning frenzy in 2020. The brain is intrigued by change and organization. Changing things up to make them more appealing to you is the name of the game. These don't have to be humongous projects, either. Focus on the spaces you spend most of your time. How might you imagine feeling happier or more at peace in that space? Maybe it's creating an organizing system that stresses you out less. Perhaps it's adding a candle or air freshener of your favorite scent. Or changing an aesthetic with a color that makes you happy. Maybe it's buying an oversized pillow (and justifying paying an oversized price because you're not going to Target nearly as much these days). Even the lighting in a particular space can make a room feel cozier (dimmer switch, anyone?).

Whatever it is, recognize that the need for mental peace and clarity this year is so important. Whether your home was ideal pre-Pandemic or not, you'll find that the benefits of changing your physical space may truly help with your mental health. Whether it means adding to or detracting from some of the "things" around you, make sure it is something that will make you breathe a little easier each day. Particularly in the pregnancy and postpartum period, comfort is one of the only luxuries we long for. And we deserve it! So tidy that space, cozy that couch, add take some well-deserved moments of peace.

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