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Brenna Leslie LMFT
           (909) 742.9288

Surviving and Thriving
in Motherhood

Mental Health Therapy for Perinatal Mothers in California

Due to COVID-19,
for your safety and the safety of others, I am currently holding all sessions via

Is Becoming a New Mom Not How You Pictured It?

Taking care of baby 24/7 is leaving no time to take care of YOU.

Perhaps you are:


  • Struggling to breastfeed or keep up with regular feedings

  • Completely exhausted and wondering if you will ever feel rested again

  • Sad and not feeling like yourself

  • Constantly worried or on edge

  • Wondering if you're cut out for motherhood after all...

I see you, mama! I hear you. I AM you! I am also here to tell you that you CAN feel better.

I'm Brenna, a Licensed Therapist and a mother of two. I'm dedicated to helping pregnant and postpartum moms not just SURVIVE these tough moments, but THRIVE! 

Postpartum Therapist in California

 What are the next steps?


(Actually, you've taken the 1st step which is deciding you're ready to feel better! So, here's what comes next:)

Reach out

You can call me directly

or write me a quick note below about what you're experiencing and I will give you a complimentary

15-minute call. This gives

me a chance to explain the process and for you to ask any questions you may have. From there, we can book an appointment for your first session!

Set Goals

It's important to know where you're heading in therapy, especially if you're new to the process. I work to understand the details of what you are experiencing and we work together to come up with treatment goals. These are ideas of how you hope to feel and give us a sense of where we are headed.


This is where the work begins! We use our time together discussing your struggles and successes. I will help facilitate the session, but will always take your lead. Most clients meet with me once a week, while others may meet twice a month. We log into a secure, easy-to-use therapy platform to conduct video sessions. (Feel free to find the comfiest spot in your house!) 

feel better

In therapy, you will get the chance to talk through your struggles in motherhood and any other aspects of life. Through discussing your difficulties with an unbiased professional, you will find ways to cope with your current stressors. I use my training and expertise

to educate, help you reframe your thinking and develop coping skills to last you long after our time together!

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